RSA Archer Framework

RSA Archer Framework Architecture

RSA Archer Framework Architecture

RSA Archer eGRC Platform can run as a single-host or a multi-host configuration. We can divide the architecture of the platform as follows:

Logical Tier

The Logical Tier is further divided into 3 tiers:

1. Interface Tier:

It consists of ASP.NET pages which are written in C#. This tiers helps to separate the Presentation logic from the Business Logic.

2. Application Tier:

The application tier consists of the Business logic of the application. These objects communicate with the database objects. The application tier cannot make direct SQL call. Instead, RSA Archer stored procedures are used to access the data.

3. Database Tier:

The database tier consists of stored procedures. So, the application tier calls these stored procedures to retrieve the data from the database.

Physical Server

RSA Archer platform consists of 2 physical servers:

1. Web server:

Web tier hosts the logical interface as well as the application tier. The application server is installed on the Microsoft Windows server. It requires Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) and the .NET framework.

2. Database server:

The database tier hosts the logical database tier. The database server is installed on Microsoft SQL Server. It consists of two databases:

(a) Framework database: For Platform content
(b) Configuration Services database: For Web-server configuration information

Single-Host Configuration

RSA Archer single-host configuration runs the whole platform on a single physical server. Therefore, the application and database servers run on the same server.

RSA Archer single host configuration

Multi-Host Configuration

In a multi-host configuration, both, the database and the web server are separated. This configuration helps the organization with greater flexibility, security and increases the scalability of the application as per the requirements.

RSA Archer Multi Host Configuration

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