How to Change your MDM authority to Microsoft Intune

How to Change your MDM authority to Microsoft Intune

Microsoft has a cloud-based mobile device management application known as Microsoft Intune. Astonishingly, you can get a 3 months of free trial for the service which gives you enough time to decide whether you want to implement this solution in your organization or not.

Microsoft Intune can be used to enroll, both corporately-owned as well as personal devices. Therefore, you can protect your company data on these devices.

Activate Microsoft Intune Trial

You can follow these steps to setup your free trial for Microsoft Intune:

  1. Go to your Microsoft Endpoint Manager – Admin Center
  2. Click on All Services > M365 Azure Active Directory > Azure Active Directory > Mobility (MDM and MAM).
  3. Select Get a free Premium trial to use this feature.
  1. Choose the option for Enterprise Mobility + Security E5 and activate the free trial.
  1. Once the trial is activated, it may take up to a few minutes before it starts reflecting on your account.
  2. Now, you can click on Microsoft Intune and setup the user scope.
  3. This option is available so that you can define the user group that should be controlled by MDM or MAM.
  1. Once you define MDM user scope for the group of users, they need Microsoft Intune License to be assigned to them.
  2. So, one both of these conditions are met, the user’s devices will be enroll in MDM automatically.

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